Fast & Simple Onboarding

America’s largest radio company turned to vCreative in 2010 to improve efficiencies at all 858 stations. The successful rollout took only weeks to scale across all 151 markets. CFO Mitch Goldstein said, "I knew within the first week that PPO would save us millions."

Centralized Traffic

As the largest hispanic radio company in the United States, Univison’s traffic department manages a tremendous amount of inventory. In 2014 vCreative helped them accomplish a corporate goal to centralize all traffic and continuity for every market from one location. This successful solution continues to improve with further integrations in the works.

Corporate Voice Pool

The Cromwell Group is synonymous with quality local radio and leading voices in the community. In 2011 they signed on corporate wide and took advantage of the Voice Pool feature, which enables voice talents to scale into all markets. The results have created a more diverse sound to their local commercials and promos.

Network Centralization & Traffic Integration

EMF’s leadership and positivity is what defines them. In 2013, we custom developed a cloud based solution to streamline their traffic and centralize production for their Networks. This included an integration with Counterpoint Traffic through an API and allowed them to focus more on their mission in the communities.

Customized Production Studio Workflow

The official radio network of the NFL, GRAMMYs, and countless leading news, talk, and entertainment shows turned to vCreative in 2012 to custom develop an internal production workflow for PDQ studios. The solution connects producers and tracks production requests from stations across the country to return top quality ads quickly.

Auto- Dubbing integration with AIM

In April 2015, vCreative integrated with Mr Master's AIM Service, which automatically ingests final spots with all the meta data, directly into automation systems. Entercom Dallas rolled out in spring 2015 and has saved time and reduced errors utilizing both systems.